Go Hyun-jung bowed in front of Kim Bo-yeon in ‘People who resemble you’… heightened sense of crisis

JTBC Wed-Thu drama ‘People like you’ (played by Yoo Bo-ra, directed by Im Hyeon-wook, produced by Celltrion Entertainment, JTBC Studio) gathered in the Taerim Foundation Chairman’s Office, Hee-joo Jeong (Hyun-jung Ko), Hee-joo’s mother-in-law Park Young-sun (played by Kim Bo-yeon), and sister-in-law Min-seo Ahn (played by Jang Hye-jin). ) heightens the sense of crisis by revealing the appearance of the three people.

In the still cut of ‘People Like You’ released on the 1st, you can see Hee-ju and Min-seo sitting in front of Yeong-seon, the chairman of the Taerim Foundation and Hee-ju’s mother-in-law. Hee-joo bowed like a criminal, Yeong-sun with a surprised expression, and Min-seo looking at her mother, Yeong-sun, with eyes that could not read what was going on make one wonder what happened between them.

Previously, Min-seo’s husband, lawyer Hyeong-gi (Hong Seo-joon), secured photos and phone calls of Seo Woo-jae (Kim Jae-young), who was in a relationship with Hee-joo in the past, and threatened Hee-joo by calling him to the roof of the building. Hee-joo countered that he knew that Hyung-gi was secretly wielding violence against Min-seo, and Hyung-gi, who had been fighting with Hee-joo, fell behind the railing of the building and was seriously injured. Woo-jae, who secretly watched this, revealed that he was a witness and hid Hee-ju’s existence.

Hyeong-gi was taken to Taerim Hospital and underwent emergency surgery by his wife, Min-seo, a neurosurgeon. After that, what happened to Hyeong-gi and whether the secret of Hee-ju, which Hyung-ki knew was revealed, became a concern for viewers. In addition, you can see the surprise of Young-seon, who was always cold, and the meaning of Min-seo’s unknown expression in episode 15.

On the other hand, in another scene, Hee-ju was caught begging in front of Hae-won as if tears were pouring down. In the meantime, Hee-ju has shown a confident attitude to protect herself in the present despite the anxiety caused by mistakes in the past. Despite Hee-ju’s desperate appearance, Hae-won seems to ignore it with a cold face.

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At the end of episode 14, Hae-won appeared in front of Hee-joo with Ahn Hyeon-seong (Choi Won-young), husband of Hee-joo, who was drunk in the middle of the night. Hee-joo, who was startled by the unusual appearance of Hae-won and Hyun-seong, raises the question of why he is begging Hae-won with tears.

In the midst of unpredictable events, the 15th episode of the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘People like you’, with only two episodes left until the end, will be broadcast on Wednesday, December 1 at 10:30 pm.

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