Go Jogja-Jakarta by Train, Just 6 Hours 20 Minutes

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM, YOGYA – Ahead of the anniversary of PT KAI on September 28, a number of innovations were presented.

This state-owned railway company introduced a number of new services to the public.

Among them, the travel duration of a number of trains (KA) is getting faster and internet service and food on the train.

There are a number of trains that have received an increase in this service, namely the Argo Bromo Anggrek train for Surabaya Pasarturi-Gambir, Argo Wilis train for Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng, Argo Lawu train for Solobalapan-Gambir, Argo Dwipangga train for Gambir-Solobalapan, and Taksaka train for Yogyakarta- Gambir.

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The above mentioned trains get a reduced time of between 20-60 minutes. For the Taksaka train, the duration of the Yogyakarta-Jakarta trip is around 6 hours and 20 minutes.

This was conveyed by the Director of Infrastructure Management of PT KAI Awan Hermawan Purwadinata who read the remarks of the President Director of PT KAI, Didiek Hartantyo at the inauguration of this new service at Tugu Yogyakarta station, Friday (24/9/2021).

In addition to reducing travel time, continued Didiek, PT KAI also provides free internet service via Wifi during train journeys. This service is available on the trains mentioned above.

“With free Wifi, customers can still carry out activities such as work, access entertainment content, and communicate while traveling,” said Didiek.

While on the train, customers can choose a wifi SSID with the name #FreeWi-fi:MacroAd to be able to access free wifi during the trip.

The next service is a new culinary service, namely Live Cooking. KAI launched live cooking services on Argo Lawu Train, Argo Dwipangga Train, Taksaka Train, and Argo Wilis Train.

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After previously being presented on the Argo Bromo Anggrek Train on June 1, 2021, KAI has again added live cooking services to other trains on the basis of positive public response.

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“Hopefully, this service can treat the longing of connoisseurs of train travel and provide a memorable experience while culinary during the trip,” said Didiek.

Various mainstay menus are presented by means of Live Cooking on the Train, namely Nasi Goreng Parahyangan Legend, Mie Godog Jawa, Mie Goreng Jawa, and Nasi Sei Beef. KAI Services presents chefs who will cook on the train in a hygienic, professional, and still pay attention to safety.

At the age of 76, KAI continues to strive to provide transportation services that are safe, efficient, and continuously growing to meet customer needs.

“Various innovations we present to create a better customer experience and provide added value to loyal customers of the train,” said Didiek. (Tribunjogja.com)

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