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Go_A’s musical journey dates back to 2012, but their popularity on the international stage has skyrocketed since this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Representatives of the electro-folk music style immediately won the hearts of Lithuanians – in Eurovision Lithuania awarded the group Go_A the maximum possible number of points – the representatives of Ukraine received 12 points from both our country’s commission and television viewers.

Not only Lithuanians liked the unique “Go_A” – in “Eurovision” the band took the 5th place, it was second in terms of the votes of the audience, and the group’s song “Shum” was in the top five of the most played songs in the country for another month after the competition. Suddenly, the group was rediscovered by the Ukrainians themselves – Go_A started to invite them to various concerts, festivals, TV shows, and many interviews with the band members appeared in both portals and magazines.

Sigismund Gedvila / 15min photo / Concert of the group “Go_A” in Vilnius

In order to thank the Lithuanians who support them so strongly, the group Go_A decided to hold its first performance abroad since Eurovision in Lithuania. On the hot evening of July, the Ukrainians set up a real sauna here in the Vilnius ORE Botanical Garden of the Vingis Park in the capital’s Vingis Park. The concert attracted several thousand music lovers, and Go_A members themselves said they had not even seen such support in Ukraine.

Concert moments – in the gallery:

After a wonderful performance in Lithuania, the band also visited Poland and Belgium and continued the tense cycle of concerts in their homeland, but the constant requests of Lithuanian fans to return did not allow them to forget the concert in Vilnius. The requests of music lovers were heard – the group Go_A returned to Lithuania, where they organized another performance at the Avia Solutions Group arena in Vilnius.

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