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It seems that it is common knowledge that Sony is now starting to make PCs as an important market for them to explore. Starting from the surprise release of Horizon Zero Dawn some time ago, which was also followed by Days Gone, they finally brought one of the games that PC gamers have been asking for for a long time. That’s right, Kratos’ latest adventure in Norse mythology via the latest God of War, which can be positioned as a sequel and reboot series at the same time. The announcement of the move of God of War for the first time to PC is of course surprising but is news that is welcomed with open arms.

The strategy for releasing God of War to PC is also in line with the planned release of the sequel series – God of War: Ragnarok for Playstation 5 which is reportedly going to be released in 2022 as well. But to be able to attract PC gamers to start looking at the latest generation of consoles in the name of tasting this sequel to the god of war, Sony and Sony Santa Monica must first guarantee that the port process to this PC is running properly. The good news? They carry out this task fantastically, both from a technical side and from a gameplay perspective such as the control system.

So, what does this PC version of God of War offer? What is the sensation of tasting the action of the god in this “new house”? This review will dive deeper for you!

Intuitive Mouse and Keyboard

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You will still be able to enjoy it with the mouse + keyboard scheme.

One of the big problems porting console games to PCs that often occurs is control problems that don’t seem to be translated into the mouse + keyboard scheme. Although the option to use a controller is always open to PC gamers, many still want to keep their mouse + keyboard.

The good news? God of War translates this control system into a mouse + keyboard format with a fairly intuitive scheme. All buttons on the mouse are used to attack, and the CTRL key is used to aim in the name of your Leviathan Ax throwing action. The combination of the Q key with left or right click, or the E key is used to access the various skills that you install. You can also use the F key to command Atreus to shoot at the target, as well as space to dodge existing attacks. What needs a little adjustment maybe just the button to enter Rage Mode which comes with a quite unique combination – Left Shift + Scroll Wheel.

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The controls are intuitive.

With all of these combinations, the PC version of God of War ensures that for fast action needs, all the buttons you need are in close proximity, just like any other PC action game. While for other functions, such as menu access to Photo Mode, there will be a separate button to access everything instantly. In general, the mouse + keyboard control function still feels intuitive. However, we also find it hard to rule out the fact that you might find it extra comfortable if you use a controller.

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