God of War Ragnarök: The fully accessible game for the blind?

God of War Ragnarök opens up to the visually impaired as this blind gamer’s personal experience shows!

The video game is a visual and sound activity that tries to adapt to disabilities. Xbox has already demonstrated this with its controller designed for certain people. Today, SightlessKombat shares that as a blind person, it is possible to do God of War Ragnarök thanks to the many accessibility features. The player has » never had a view «.

An accessible game for people with visual disabilities

SightlessKombat, a player who has « never had a view can access God of War Ragnarök. The player explains that he ignored how games work for a long time due to his blindness and started with audio-based gaming experiences. SightlessKombat then turned to the traditional titles but with the help of those close to them to progress. Unfortunately, “ this is a strategy that still persists today in games that are not accessible enough says the player.

God of War Ragnarök offers many visual adjustments to improve the experience for the visually impaired. Objects, characters, items, hazards, and more can take on different colors. But SightlessKombat instead uses in-game inputs like parameters that automate a large number of tasks or simplify the use of buttons.

To progress, SightlessKombat doesn’t need to be particularly accurate. Not to mention that a function navigation aid lets you know where to go at certain times. Thanks to these impulses, you can enjoy” large parts of the game without the need for assistance » but above all of a « brilliantly liberating experience «.

The only downside is that SightlessKombat still needs help for puzzles because there are not many solutions.

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SightlessKombat also specifies fighting with skill trees and menus. However, expect a future patch to break this barrier. Remember that God of War Ragnarök won the Game Award for accessibility. Another PlayStation game, The Last of Us Part I, was nominated in this category. Proof that Sony is going the extra mile for its handicapped gamers.

via: www.lacremedugaming.fr

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