Health “God’s will has been carried out.” A mental patient...

“God’s will has been carried out.” A mental patient kills another in a mental health hospital

04:13 PM

Friday 22 May 2020

Sharqia – Fatima Al-Deeb:

A psychiatric patient was killed today, Friday, by another patient inside a mental health hospital, on the tenth of Ramadan, in Sharkia.

Major General Atef Mahran, Director of Eastern Security, received a notification from Brigadier General Amr Raouf, Director of Criminal Investigation, that a report of the death of a psychiatrist at a mental health hospital in the tenth of Ramadan was received by another patient inside the hospital.

It turned out that the accused killed the victim with a “bed board”, and by his question he stated that the victim “insulted the religion” and that he executed the will of God to kill him, while the body was transferred to the morgue of the “Al-Ahrar” teaching hospital in the city of Zagazig, and kept at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which notified To conduct investigations.



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