Business Gogoro Eeyo electric bike soon in France

Gogoro Eeyo electric bike soon in France

A new player is about to land on the French market for electric bikes. It is about Gogoro, a Taiwanese manufacturer who is already illustrated on the niche of electric scooters with very appreciated machines.

Created in 2015 by two former designers from HTC, the Taiwanese brand of Gogoro electric scooters it already enjoys a flattering reputation in the countries where it is present. Announced a few months ago, Gogoro’s arrival on the French market will materialize this summer, but not with a electric scooter. The manufacturer has just announced that it will launch a electric bike and connected, the Gogoro Eeyo, next month in the United States and this summer in Europe and Taiwan.

So far, Gogoro has not provided any information about this VAE which should probably be intended for urban use. But the know-how that the brand has demonstrated with electric scooters suggests something interesting.

Scooters with interchangeable batteries

Indeed, the Gogoro S1 and S2 electric scooters, and the new Gogoro Viva have met with great success with an urban clientele seduced by their excellent quality / price ratio and the exchangeable battery system which relies on a network of distributors. automatic scattered in the city. At one of these points, the user removes the battery located under the saddle of the scooter, places it in an empty slot in the charging station and retrieves another ready to ride. A very practical device that avoids all expectations.

If the electric scooters Gogoro are not distributed in France, they were used by the free floating rental service (self-service without home station) COUP which operated in Paris for two years until last November. It is not yet known whether the introduction of the Gogoro Eeyo in France foreshadows that of electric scooters. To be continued…

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