Gogua has signed an unprecedented contract with CSKA: he could lose 90% of his salary


Gogua has signed an unprecedented contract with CSKA: he could lose 90% of his salary



CEO of CSKA Roman Babaev spoke about the terms of the contract, which the defender signed with "CSKA" Cedric Gogua.

"We followed the games he had already held as part of Tambov, games before Tambov. Periodically, the player showed a high level, but then an eclipse occurred, the person forgot about football. Unfortunately, history is widespread. No need to be bigots, each of us made mistakes in our youth. I can't say it didn't bother us. Some work has been done. I met you personally, I talked for a long time. What has corrupted, Gogua has absolutely not denied all the problems of the past. Said even more than I knew. Well done, I can say that he has rested beautifully. He has sworn that everything is in the past, that everything has its time. To help him comply with this agreement, the contract with him was concluded as hard as possible, just unprecedented. We have not yet signed.

Usually you want the player to read the contract quickly, because it takes time, everyone tries to defend their interests. But then I insisted that Gogua read it as carefully as possible.

In general, in case of violation of the discipline, a football player remains with 10% of the agreed salary. I mean, playing for a bowl of soup. I don't take penalties yet. Cedric understood what he was signing. Furthermore, it is one thing to make bad jokes in such clubs, where they are not looked at this way, something else is for CSKA. He understands if this happens with us, his football career will end. You can play somewhere, but you can forget about serious clubs and earnings. I hope that all these factors motivate him to prevent this ", the correspondents of the championship, Andrei Pankov and Denis Tselykh, transmit the words of Babayev.

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