Gold first – Gold has long-term good prospects

Gold on the positive side year 2022 beautiful village z roads. Experts consider the current decline to be short-term, and in the long run expect growth of lute metal.

The current year has come gold rise, which encouraged the markets. Precious metal The bag began to decline, which raised concerns among investors. On Thursday gold failed and reported the largest one-day decline in the last six weeks. standards futures contracts for gold also decreased by 2%, ie to 1,789 USD per ounce. It is worth noting that in the Wednesday they increased by 0.6%. Drah metal businesswomen disappointed: quotation gold fell below the psychologically significant figure of 1,800 USD per ounce.

feb metal is still unable to recover and is massively sold against the background of growing US revenue sttnch bond. Currently, US decades bond pekrauj klov indicator 1.70%. Vera moved to the highest values ​​recorded in the current 2021.

V bird rno gold mrn strengthened, reached a two-day low and updated the indicator from the previous session. Pr XAU /USD traded at 1 791 USDwhich did not arouse optimism among investors. Analysts keep secret long-term growth gold prices, because in the short term more lose. Experts in, e metal tracks in the near future he will suffer a loss.

According to experts, it is the cause of a sharp decline gold “jestb” attitude Fedu to restrict the incentive and zvyovn rates. The two of them were published from the December meeting of the American regulator, who surprised the markets. These writings have shown determination Fedu rate two to slow down inflation. The market completely sensed the trend central bank fast years rate and reduce incentives and the moment responded with a stick to the American dollar.

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According to analysts, there is an attitude Fedu twisted contributions for decades sttnch bond. This contributes to the strengthening of demand for the US currency, which is supported by investors’ risk aversion in the face of aggressive tight monetary policy from parties Fedu.

The experts consider the current situation to be suitable for US dollarbut dangerous for gold. Analysts value the current mood in the market precious metal like medvd, what ‘s for gold nepzniv. Zven rokovch sazeb Fedu pesune will eat investor from lutho metal ke sttnm bond. According to experts gold failed to break the key level of resistance pobl 1 830 USD and dropped to critical rovn. Current market situation precious metal therefore develop in favor of bears. Experts emphasize that to enter bk you need to break the key level 1 830 USD.

Long-term insight gold is positive and not short-term. According to Byron Wiena, vice-chairman of the board of Blackstone Private Wealth Solutions precious metal will increase by 20% this year and hell by 2,000 USDif he manages to drill status defensive assets. The expert also said that many investors are in this in 2022 decides to invest in goldto protect themselves from growing inflac. It should be noted that globln nrst inflation goes gold na ruku, protoe astnci trhu v nm nachzej “bezpen pstav” pro svj kapitl.

Blackstone Private Wealth Solutions’ new strategy is dr “bho” looking at gold, because he is sure that most investors consider it a part of their investment portfolio. Many market participants believe this metal guarantees protection against macroeconomic and geopolitical risks. If the proposal is made by Mr Wien, gold hell border 2 160 USD for 1 troy ounce, I have better records so far.

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