Gold prices are down by 5 pounds and 21 cents at 627 pounds per gram


The price of gold fell on Tuesday, to 5 pounds per caliber in the market, following the continued decline of the dollar in banks and official banks, where the caliber of gold 21, which is the most popular in the market Egyptian, lost 627 pounds per gram.

The prices of gold in Egypt are as follows:

Caliber 21 recorded 627 pounds per gram

The 18 caliber registers 538 pounds per gram

The caliber 24 records 717 pounds per gram

The record of sterling gold is 5016 pounds

The ounce is $ 1306.

Najib Najib, secretary of the Gold Division of the Chamber of Commerce, said the fall in the price of the dollar pushed the gold to fall in Egypt, despite the marginal increase in world gold prices. , pointing out that the decline of the dollar in recent days has increased its effects on the prices of goldsmiths.

In the "seventh-day" statements, Najib stated that there are several factors that influence the price of gold in Egypt, including the price of gold ounces worldwide and the dollar price in banks and official banks, as well as supply and demand factors.

The prices of gold in Egypt could witness some slight variation in the price of the various calibrations in the different governorates of Egypt. This difference in the price of gold may be 50 piasters or 1 pound.



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