Gold prices are falling in Egypt today


02:13 PM

Friday 22 March 2019

I wrote – Shaima Hafsi:

Gold prices fell in Egypt on Friday, about 9 grams per gram, after making the price jump on Thursday.

The Najib Club, secretary general of the gold division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Lamasrawi, declared that the price of the 21 caliber of gold was registered on Friday, 631 pounds per gram against 640 pounds yesterday.

At the end of yesterday's trading, the gold lost its gains during the day due to the decline in the global metal price.

The price of a gram of 18-gauge gold at around 540.8 pounds during the day, the price of a kilogram of 24 to 721 pounds, and the price of 5048 pound sterling gold.

World gold prices remained unchanged on Friday, plummeting to a three-week high yesterday, under the pressure of rising stock markets, but still headed for their third consecutive weekly gain after the Federal Reserve declared that it would not would have raised interest rates. Quest & # 39; year

By 0617 GMT, spot gold rose 0.1% to $ 1310.38, while US gold futures gained 0.2% to $ 1,310 l & # 39; ounce.

Spot metal prices rose to their highest level from February 28th to $ 1320.22 on Thursday, before giving up closing 0.2% less.

Asian stocks rose to a high of six and a half months after positive US data and technology optimism pushed Wall Street higher.

The gold continues to earn a third weekly gain, up 0.7% from the start of the week.

The US central bank ended its three-year effort to strengthen monetary policy at the start of this week, abandoning expectations of any rate hikes this year.

The dollar fell against the pound after the European Union agreed to postpone Britain's exit from the blockade, and the US currency fell 0.2% against its main rivals.



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