Gold prices continue to rise … and the 21 gauge records 631 pounds per gram


For the second consecutive day, gold prices continued to rise globally and nationally: the price of gold around the world is close to breaking the resistance barrier at $ 1300. L & # 39; Gold in Egypt rose to reach the most popular gauge of 631 pounds per gram, bringing the total increase achieved by gold to 5 pounds in two days.

The prices of gold in Egypt have become the same:

The golden caliber 21 records 631 pounds per gram

The caliber of gold 24 records 721.25 pounds per gram

The golden caliber 18 records 540.75 pounds per gram

The pound sterling gold is 5048 pounds per gram

Gold $ 1298 oz.

The price of gold rose on Saturday, March 9, following the increase in the price of gold in the world from 1294 dollars to 1298 dollars to approach the resistance barrier $ 1300.

The "seventh day" service to read and follow the periodic and immediate modernization and obtain the prices of all the different prices in the gold market in Egypt, the prices of gold in Egypt are subject to the demand and the Offer as well as change with the increase or decline in the global market and directly linked to dollar prices on the market parallel to the dollar and the banking market.

Gold prices in Egypt may witness some slight variation in the price of different calibrations in the different governorates of Egypt. This discrepancy in the price of gold may be 50 piasters or 1 pound sterling.



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