Gold prices continue to rise and the 21st mark registers 643 pounds per gram


Gold prices continued to rise for the second day in a row, with the price of one gram of gold today, which is worth only one pound, a slight increase after yesterday's price increase, 4 pounds at a time after the world prices rise.

The price of gold in Egypt was 634 pounds per gram of 21 caliber, which is a relatively high price in the goldsmith market, an increase due to the 1278 ounce gold movement. dollars at 1284 dollars, more than 7 dollars yesterday and two dollars today at 1286 dollars.

The prices of gold in Egypt are as follows:

Size 18: 551 pounds

Caliber 21: 643 pounds

Caliber 24: 733.70 pounds

Pound Gold: 5142 pounds

World price: $ 1286

The price of gold today

The price of gold today in Egypt within the main services provided by the "seventh day" and accompanied by an analysis of market performance and the movement of sales of various calibrations.

Gold today in Egypt

The price of gold in Egypt can see some disparities from one province to another and from one operator to the other but with values ​​ranging from LE to LE 2 per gram, but the Gold is seeing significant differences from one company to another and from a retailer to another.



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