Business Gold prices on Monday 20-4-2020 in the Egyptian jeweler...

Gold prices on Monday 20-4-2020 in the Egyptian jeweler shops

Gold prices are witnessing today, Monday, April 20, stability since the beginning of the week, according to the latest updates in the local market, where 21 karat is the most traded and best-selling in the local market, and recorded today according to the latest updates 738 pounds per gram, after it reached the highest price in the history of the past days, where the price per gram per week The past 745 pounds per unit, so it kept increasing gradually until it reached its highest levels, so we notice the instability of gold prices, ranging from ups and downs throughout the day due to the tense economic conditions of the country due to the spread and spread of the disease.

Gold prices stabilized on Monday at the start of morning trading

The prices of gold bullets recorded a clear fluctuation in the global stock exchanges and financial markets during this period, to differ during one day between the decline at times and the rise at another time, as the price of a gram of 24 carat gold reached about 843 pounds, while the caliber of 22 recorded, and the price of the pound recorded gold about 5904 pounds, The selling prices differ from one shop to another, due to the prices of workmanship, which vary from one caliber to another, and represent 10% of the price of the metal.

Gold prices on Monday 20-4-2020 in the Egyptian jeweler shops
Gold prices witnessed a lull on Monday in the local Egyptian market, after the instability that rocked the markets during the past period, where Naguib Club, Secretary of the Gold Division in the Chamber of Commerce, explained that the reason for the fluctuation of the price of gold to attract traders and investors to buy it, because they believe that it is safe security for fear of affecting Economist caused by the pandemic and its spread in the whole world.

Gold prices stabilize today and since the beginning of the week in the local market

The prices of the yellow metal globally recorded stability in trading on Monday with the superiority of the dollar and profit taking on the trend to refrain from risks due to concerns related to this crisis that includes the whole world, so the price of gold ounce today was recorded according to the latest updates on the International Metal Exchange 1688 dollars, and these prices affect the price of the precious metal in the markets Local.

Gold prices on Monday 20-4-2020 in the Egyptian jeweler shops
Gold prices on Monday 20-4-2020 in the Egyptian jeweler shops

We offer you the average gold prices today according to the latest update in the Egyptian jewelery stores, with the possibility of a change from time to time throughout the day, in addition to the decline in the percentage of sales during this period due to the work of jewelry stores 4 days a week and completely closed for 3 days a week in implementation of the decision to ban Roaming.

Average gold prices today at Al Sagha stores in Egypt without workmanship
Unit The price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 caliber 839 to 843
22 caliber 769 to 773
21 caliber 734 to 738
18-gauge 629 to 633
Caliber 14 489 to 492
12-gauge 419 to 422
The ounce 26,088 to 26,231
Pound of gold 5,872 to 5,904
Kilo 838,857 to 843,429
Gold prices may vary from one goldsmith to another


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