Gold prices on Monday, September 18, 2009 in Egypt


Monday's gold prices rose from 18-2-2019 at the start of the week to the value of one pound so far, to get a score of 21 caliber, the best-seller in Egypt, 646 pounds at the gram for the third consecutive day.

Gold prices are as follows:

The price of the 18 gold caliber today recorded 553 pounds per gram.

The price of the 21-gauge gold today registered 646 pounds per gram.

The price of the 24-gauge gold records 738 pounds per gram.

The price of the sterling gold and weighs 8 grams today register 5168 pounds.

Oats: $ 1324.

Gold prices in Egypt may witness some slight variation in the price of the different calibers in the different governorates of Egypt, this difference in the price of gold can be 50 piasters or 1 pound.

Gold prices in Egypt, a service provided by the "seventh day", include an immediate update and an increase in gold prices, in the Egyptian market, as well as an update of the world price of the market. ;ounce.

Gold prices in Egypt are among the services that the "seventh day" provides to readers and the price of gold accompanied by an analysis of the state of the gold market.



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