Gold prices Saturday 5 – 1 – 2019 in the markets


Gold prices in trade on Saturday 5 – 1 – 2019 decline of 3 pounds by caliber in the market, the first significant decline in the price of precious metal locally and globally during the new year 2019.

The fall in the price of gold in Egypt came after the decline in gold prices globally, where the dollar fell 7 dollars to 1291 dollars to record 1,184 dollars so far, with 39; expectation of instability of gold ounces at this limit due to the closure of the US government.

The price of gold in Egypt for the 21st has today recorded 642 pounds per gram. Despite this decline, the registration of gold at a price higher than $ 640 would create a state of reluctance to buy precious metals in the Egyptian market.

The prices of gold in Egypt have become the same:

The price of the 18 gold caliber today registered 550 pounds

The price of the 21 gold caliber today registered 642 pounds per gram

The price of 24-ounce gold today is 733 pounds

The pound of gold weighs 8 grams: 5136 pounds

Ounces of gold: $ 1284

The price of gold today

Gold prices in Egypt may witness some slight variation in the price of different calibers in the different governorates of Egypt. This discrepancy in the price of gold can be 50 piasters or 1 pound sterling..

Gold prices in Egypt, a service provided by the seventh day, and includes an immediate update and to obtain gold prices, in the Egyptian goldsmith's market, as well as an update of the world price of 39; ounce.

Gold prices

Gold prices in Egypt are among the services that the seventh day wishes to provide readers and that gold prices are accompanied by an analysis of the state of the gold market.



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