Gold prices today, Thursday, October 14, and developments in the precious metal

testify gold prices A continuous rise during the past 24 hours in global stock exchanges, supported by a noticeable increase in inflation levels in some European countries, America and other countries, which raises the demand for gold as a safe haven in times of crisis.

During the current period, the world is exposed to a major crisis with regard to supply and supply chains, which affected the prices of commodities and they rose clearly to record levels, especially natural gas, which rose by a clear percentage in Britain, and the prices of grains and other commodities rose, which prompted investors to buy gold.

What do we have today in the market global goldAnd what are the expected events and how things will go in the coming hours, after gold rose on the stock exchanges to levels close to 1790 dollars, which is the highest level for the precious metal almost within 3 weeks.

The global gold market awaits today, Thursday, October 14, 2021, Thursday, October 14, the announcement of the change in employment, the Australian unemployment rate, the consumer price index in China, the producer price index in the United States, the weekly unemployment benefits in the United States, and US crude oil inventories.

All economic events are the focus of the attention of traders in the gold market to make decisions about the future of the precious metal and the trend in general to safe havens, which controls the supply and demand factors in the market gold Hence, price changes.

Day gold prices, 18 karat records 669 pounds per gram, 21 karat records 780 pounds per gram, 24 karat records 891 pounds per gram, the gold pound 6240 pounds, an ounce of gold 1780 dollars

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Gold prices today Thursday is subject to change throughout the trading periods over the coming hours, amid global anticipation for the results of inflation reports in all countries.


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