Business Gold, the man will tell you what you like...

Gold, the man will tell you what you like .. Look at today’s prices

Today, Tuesday, gold prices witnessed a rise of 5 pounds, to record a 21-carat gold gram, which is the best-selling one in Egypt, at 857 pounds per gram, against the backdrop of high international prices for an ounce. Gold to $ 1964.

gold prices

Caliber 18: 734 pounds

Caliber 21: 857 pounds.

Caliber 24: 979 pounds.

Gold pound: 6856 pounds.

World price: $ 1964.

Gold prices in Egypt rose from 680 pounds to 21 carat, which is the best-selling and traded in the goldsmith market, to 857 pounds per gram now, so that gold bearers in Egypt earn 177 pounds per gram, an increase of 26.4%. From the beginning of this year until this moment.

Some may ask, when will gold prices fall? We will find that they are related to the previous factors, so if they combined together, or at least the first reasons for the decline, which are a sharp decline in world prices, were realized, gold will achieve a significant decline in Egypt.


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