Golden Bentley Continental GT sighted in Voronezh


For several tens of millions, a foreign car stands out against a miserable backdrop near the tires in Heroev Sibiryakov Street, which is why local drug addicts seemed even more depressing.

Golden Bentley Continental GT was noted by the citizens in Heroes Sibiryakov Street in Voronezh. The owner of an expensive foreign car parked a very expensive car in the parking lot near the tire, among the champions of the "local avtohlama". The car clearly did not fit the usual poor aspect of the area: "This is the whole Voronezh", said the author of the car's photo in social networks.

The Bentley Continental GT four-door four-seater coupe since 2002 produces the company Bentley Motors. The car is famous for the W-shaped 12-cylinder engine, whose volume is 6 liters, and the power – 575 hp Bentley Continental GT needs only 4.5 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h , and the maximum speed is 318 km / h. Fuel consumption – 25.3 l / 100 km. The Finnish driver Juha Kankkunen on this car set a world record for speed on the ice – not sparing his car, he accelerated to 321.65 km / h, drove for about 1,000 meters and stopped at just 600 meters away.



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