Golden Globe Race: Loïc Lepage escaped from Australia

The Laaland tree broke in half while Loïc Lepage sailed 600 miles southwest of Perth, Australia. "with winds of 25 knots and waves of 3 meters ", said the direction of the race.

The solo sailor got rid of his rig before doing it "part of his concern on the keel, a piece of the tree that has undoubtedly damaged the hull but the waterway had stopped".

In the beginning, the Breton alerted the race PC without asking for help, but changed his mind a few hours later. "A water of 160 liters per hour from the keel but inaccessible because hidden by the water tank, its pumps operated and contained the flow, but outside the meteorological conditions they worsened with winds of 40 knots ".

A daytime distress alert was issued to all boats sailing in the area through the Canberra Relief Coordination Center.

Loïc Lepage, who decided a few days ago to make a stop, had to integrate the Chichester classification, that of the skippers who broke a race rule.
Eight skippers remain in the race. The fleet is still led by Jean-Luc Van Den Heede.


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