Golden Olympic strangeness. The Czechs had to shoot, the agreement of the highlanders passed

In the competitions of wrestlers and judokas, two bronzes are divided according to the rules. A rare phenomenon is the medal felt. It should not occur in measurable sports such as athletics. The optics can determine the order in thousands of seconds.

In vertical jumps, at the same power, the final order should occur when jumping. This was the case with the captivating Tokyo duel of the highlanders. Catalan Mutaz Barshim and Italian Gianmarco Tamberi failed to jump the Olympic record by 239 centimeters on Sunday after overcoming all previous heights without repairs.

Instead of jumping off, however, they came to the head with a proposal. “Would this be an Olympic victory?” The arbitrator agreed with the addition: “Will you both agree?”

The star jumpers winked at each other, and it was clear at that moment. They clapped, hugged, and the competition had two winners. The Italian and the Catalan began to shake and circled the wheel of honor. Instead of risking silver for one, they opted for the certainty of the golden division.

Agreement without discussion

Is this a precedent, a violation of the sporting spirit? No, the world admires them.

“Neither of us wanted to take the other happy. We didn’t even need to discuss it. We both knew we wanted to share gold, “said the well-known athletic clown Tamberi.

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“I am happier when I can share my joy with a friend,” Muslim Barshim responded. “This is out of sport. It is a message that we pass on to the younger generation. “

Something similar has happened several times in Olympic history. The last time there was a felt in the bronze position among the highlanders in London 2012 was Baršim. However, the case is more complicated in that the original winner Ivan Uchov from Russia was disqualified. The final was left without a winner in the annals.

After the Tokyo race, Barshim and Tamberi talked about the fact that their decision was due to a number of injuries and a covid break. That’s why they didn’t want to lose their golden laurel. In addition, they emphasized that they had a friendly relationship.

Kostelecký: You won’t invent that

An emotional story that goes down in history. An Olympic fairy tale, let’s say. However, a few days earlier, the Czech shooters Lipták and Kostelecký did not get a chance to reach her in the final trap.

The long-standing friendship of Brno natives is known. They are training partners and live perhaps three kilometers apart. They, too, would certainly share the gold medal – despite the fact that the Czech team would have earned it.

But they had to shoot until one made a mistake. Lipták showed stronger nerves, but Kostelecký was not saddened by the silver. Maybe because he already knew how the Olympic triumph tasted.

“You can’t think of that. If anyone told me this before the Olympics, I wouldn’t believe him, “Kostelecký Czech double commented.

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What do you say, which story was more interesting?

Čáslavská also shared gold
The division of medals often takes place in gymnastic competitions. The legendary Věra Čáslavská also experienced it at the memorable 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. In the freestyle, she won a joint gold medal thanks to the same point total with Soviet rival Larisa Petrikova. It was during this ceremony that the most famous Czechoslovak athlete turned her head away from her opponent and stared at the ground instead of the rising flags.

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