Golf Fukling, Hero of the Ultimate Right Make music up trend, tweet the world.

Golf Fukling, Hero of the Ultimate Maybright, people have things Make music up trend, tweet the world.

Debut of the first single of the camp “High Cloud Entertainment” that Golf Hatching Hero Sitting at the executive stand by himself This work referred to a hot youngster Bright Wachirawit Cheewari Come join the feature in the song “Sad Movie” Which referred to completely revealing the reason why the young bright Join this event

How are you with this single? “Thanks to Nong Bright With GMM TV too Allow younger people to come and join us The reason for choosing Nong Bright to join this event Is that we see Nong Bright in the pass as a musician Then we heard that he was a son. Or the granddaughter of the music school owner is an academy Learned that he plays music Besides he is handsome and has a large fan base. In his singing pass is interesting. I really want to work with him. So secretly greeted AIG with him Send a message to Direct IG “

Called that you do not contact anyone? “I didn’t pass anyone. Suddenly, I just greeted him myself. Accidentally, our friend, Aem Achariya, had always been writing songs for Bright. Then he became close with GMM TV. And close to Bright He took our news to cheer for the GMM. And cheer on the bright too Phei said that she has a queue. My sister hurriedly traveled and recorded it. I only met Bright 2 times, on recording day. And the day of shooting the MV That is, there is no rehearsal to sing before “

Did we send the song to Bright first? “You should have listened to the song one day before. Or a few hours before But she is very ready He is very enthusiastic. And then he is someone who already has stuff. Or even on the day of shooting the MV You have a very busy job. That day, she had 4 hours to shoot the music video for us, but she did a really good job, 4 hours, including taking photos. Very professional “

That this is the first song of the camp So we want to get younger people to join the event? “Let’s really help as well as we are a new camp. We do not have a large budget. I think he knows becauseFor him, I think it should be a hundred or a million. He knows that if we really pay the full amount. We would be bad, he helped. He went to talk to his agency that He asked for this work. In the end, he did not charge us. Even though we just met twice, he is a very kind person. That is, when making music, we have a direct message talking about music. Send music for review Bright is a single person. Who is an artist coming up with me Then he asked to fix the music It is not known that Bright has a production head.

At first the music was simple. No line orchestra He said that the hook is smooth. But he did not dare to tell us directly He went to tell Teacher Aim. Teacher Am came and said that Bright secretly whispered. He is a very considerate brother. He told me to fix the hook, put the orchestra to make it a little dynamite. In which people who understand the dynamics of music Must be someone who makes music Which I don’t think the same Normally think that his younger brother is only good at singing. He has a head in the production area as well. “

When we heard that she asked to fix the music How do we feel? “I’m glad that means he’s in with this song. Then gave him an idea When doing music, he always squeezes with the producer saying he wants it. Here, it’s too light. I have only one piece of time to work with him. But felt that he was really into the work he did We let him work hard. Which we are fully with him as well Not letting him work alone I like working with something to exchange all the time. “

Right now, the number of songs is so fast?Now, in addition to being shocked by the views of the song Still shocked by the foreign language comments I’ve never had it like this before. Which is the language that I am not sure which nationality it is from all over the world? Well, it was the second most popular Twitter in the world, ohh-brite. This must admit that his fans are this tough. “

Why did we come out and start our own camp? “It should have happened when we finished our first album. Finished, our first album won an award. Received awards from the colorful stage awards I’ve always dreamed of getting a reward from time. Which once we have won To continue working as an album We felt that we were still full. Right now, I still don’t want to move on to continue making the album. So I asked what our dream was.

I have a feeling that in our country, our artists’ music making skills. It is not lost to universal So I want to see Thai music successfully go international. I want to do a T-Pop camp. Who want to develop or do good work So that one day can go to international

How long did you decide to start your own record label? Because with the same camp we have been together for a long time? “I have been with Wat the Duck for a long time, but at first we would do it with Wat the Duck, but with some proposals we decided we might have to do it ourselves. Goodbye to all my brothers and sisters with understanding But P ‘Moi is still helping us. Still worried It took a while as well. With coming to own a music label “

How are you doing when you come and do it yourself? “Oh … I want to do yoga. Because it could have been able to put his feet on his forehead properly Right now, my forehead hand is no longer. Because a lot of problems For we are a camp for Not many people Now we try to fall as much as possible. Will know as many mistakes as possible “

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