Health Gommers: corona patient now much shorter in intensive care...

Gommers: corona patient now much shorter in intensive care | Inland

In March and April a patient was on the ic for an average of 22 days. In the past two months this was less than 8 days. This means that the capacity of the ICs has tripled as a result.

“We are still conducting further research into it, but it seems that way,” Gommers told the newspaper. “Of course we do not know whether there will be a second wave and how big it will be, but if it is comparable to the first, we need to expand the ICs much less.”

Exactly how this is, is still being investigated, says Gommers. For example, he wants to gain insight into whether the group of people who now end up on the ic is comparable to that of the first corona wave. “It may be that in March and April more people ended up with underlying diseases and the patients of today are less ill.”

Better treatment of corona patients may also have contributed to a shorter hospital stay. “It is not the case that the virus has become milder, in any case we have no indications for that,” said Gommers.


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