Good news for data savers: Apple documents its APFS file system


Apple has finally released a longer documentary than its new file system Apple File System (APFS) introduced last year. The information previously available in the developer documentation was not very extensive, a reference PDF now published ("Apple File System Reference") adds various details to about 150 pages. The developers have long complained that Apple was not going faster here – a well-known developer even threw away the pieces due to lack of documentation.

APFS will soon be operational for two years

APFS arrived with iOS 10.3 in March 2017 on iPhone and iPad; With macOS 10.13, even the new file system has arrived on the Mac. It is designed specifically for use on machines with SSD media – Apple's hard drives are no longer built on its laptops. At some points it is still in APFS: therefore, among other things, developers are asked what has been effectively defined as the sizing of Fast Directory.

The new documentation raises the hope that there will finally be more tools for the next system for the new Apple file system. So Alsoft, the manufacturer of the well-known generic data recovery weapon Diskwarrior, wants to adapt its application to APFS. The next major version, probably Diskwarrior 6, should include the ability to rebuild the APFS (Rebuild) disks. Furthermore, the new documentary is used. "Our developers use [sie]to upgrade Diskwarrior to allow a safe rebuild of APFS units. "The manufacturer does not specify a schedule yet

Diskwarrior 5.2 under macOS Mojave

Currently running Diskwarrior 5.2 on Mac with the current MacOS Mojave operating system with only obstacles. External drives are editable as long as they use the HFS + file system. After all, files can be copied from HFS + into APFS.

Reconstruction of the Time Machine disks in Mojave is only possible in MacOS Recovery or the startup of a USB Diskwarrior Recovery flash drive. Recovery Maker is adapted to Mojave in version 1.3, but this does not mean that APFS units can be saved. Tips on how to handle new security methods like Secure Boot or Blocking Extensions are provided by Alsoft on its website.




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