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In addition to PS5, XBOX is also a favorite host for many gamers; and the Xbox Series S, priced at only 9,480 yuan, is the choice of many players, especially with Xbox Game Pass, there are a lot of games to play, but this cheap new generation The host also has its shortcomings, because the memory is only 10GB, deducting the 2GB required by the system, the RAM available for the game is only about 8GB, which brings certain restrictions to game developers.

Microsoft yesterday announced the June update of the Xbox Game Development Kit. The biggest feature is to release part of the memory of the Xbox Series S for game developers to use. Although Microsoft did not disclose the actual memory capacity number released, the Xbox team said that there are several 100 MB will provide more memory in a stretched environment, which will help improve the quality of the game.

Although the Xbox Series S supports 1440p at a maximum of 120fps, some game developers have added restrictions on their own. Take Evil Dead as an example, the Xbox Series S does not provide 60fps performance mode, another game “Resident Evil Village” >> The display is limited to 45fps at 1440p, and it will be reduced to 30fps when ray tracing is turned on.

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