Health Good news from China about the virus, SK -...

Good news from China about the virus, SK – One world – out of bounds

In a human, Sara’s new about MERS-CoV and China confirmed Thursday that the spread of infection, these-19, especially in Beijing, became “under control”, the level of risk of the second wave in the country in which appeared the virus the first time, at the time of accelerating its spread in South Asia and South America.

Lined thousands Thursday for a checkup, while announced that the Chinese Ministry of Health recorded 21 additional injury during the last 24 hours in a city of 21 million inhabitants, bringing the number of new infections recorded since the last week to 158.

And life has returned to the format of a semi natural after about two months without a new injury. But the emergence of the epicenter of the epidemic in the city a few days ago, raised the fear of the wave of infection again. To avoid this, authorities launched a local campaign to check the population and sterilize restaurants.

But, confirmed a senior expert of the epidemiology in the Center for Disease Control, combat Wu zunyou that the epidemic is “under control” in the capital.

It is suspected that the market for head, site of the ski base to boil the vegetables in Beijing, is the source of new infections.

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