GOOD PLAN on Days Gone: where to find it cheap (# Do notPassYourGames70Euros)


Always in the spirit of our research against expensive gambling (# NePayezPasVosJeux70Euros), we explored the various physical stores, as well as online, to get an idea of ​​the price at which Days gone it is sold everywhere Below you will find the list of prices in the various signs in which we found the game in physical version.

Apart from Micromania which maintains the recommended exit price of € 69.99, all other brands require a low price for the release of this title in its standard version. The best price is the one practiced by intersection with a price of € 54.49. Also note that there is no reduction on the special edition and that the collector is not found at a reasonable price (€ 399 instead of € 159.99, for example, in

Do notPushYour Games70Euros Days Gone

Hoping that our research will be useful for you, and if by chance you find other offers to share with us, comments are available to let you know.

Days gone
shop Standard Edition Special edition
Amazon $ 59.99
+ Exclusive Amazonbook
€ 79.99
Auchan $ 54.99 € 79.99
Commerce Street € 61.95
intersection $ 54.49
CDiscount $ 54.99
€ 49.99 for members
Cdiscount to Will
Culture $ 59.99 € 79.99
Fnac $ 54.99
Black wallet offered
€ 79.99
DLC offered € 54.90
Leclerc $ 54.99 € 79.99
Micromania $ 69.99
DLC offered
€ 79.99
DLC offered
PriceMinister $ 54.99 € 79.99
baker $ 59.99 € 79.99
Rush on Game
Declaration of 04/21/2019
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