GOOD PLAN – Promotional mobile plans at Auchan Telecom, B & You, Free Mobile, La Poste, NRJ Mobile, Red from SFR and Prixtel


SFR red offers until February 11th, its 30 GB package (1 GB initially) without obligation for € 10 per month for life, you understand that the price will remain the same even after 12 months. This last one offers unlimited calls and SMS / MMS and 4 GB of data monthly roaming, but also free access to the ebook service Youboox, access valid until June 30, 2019. You will also be available for sale until February 11th 60 GB package (Initially 15 GB) proposed a € 15 a month for life.

SFR RED moving table

B & You (Bouygues Telecom) offers two packages in special series up to February 17, 2019, without obligation and whose price will remain valid for life. The first package is a € 9.99 per month. It offers unlimited calls and SMS / MMS, but also 40 GB of data monthly mobile, in addition to 4 GB per month roaming (Europe and DOM).

The second package is the same, but with 50 GB of data and 10 GB roaming (Europe, DOM, USA and Canada), proposed a € 14.90 per month. The latter also includes an option for large data consumers, namely theunlimited internet at the weekend ! So you can browse without counting and keep your 50 GB for the rest of the week.

Bandyou mobile plan

Free mobile It also offers a special series that has now become sustainable with a flat rate € 8.99 per month valid for one year and including unlimited calls and SMS / MMS, 50 GB of data monthly and 4 GB of data monthly roaming. The rate goes back after 12 months to € 19.99 a month. The offer is now valid without limits.

Notice that Sosh / Orange currently it does not offer any promotion on its mobile plans, but only on its Fiber Internet subscription the Sosh box for € 19.99 a month without commitment instead of € 29.99, as well as SFR red with the Red box Fiber or THD 1 Gb / s at € 20 a month for life and without obligation.

So let's go to the promotional offers of virtual operators:

The Mobile Post offers its package € 9.99 per month from the operator for only € 4.99 per month without obligation using the discount code PromoMusic, valid until February 10th next one. The price will return to normal after 12 months. This package includes 2 hours of voice calls in mainland France and from Europe and DOM / COM, Unlimited SMS and MMS 5 GB of mobile Internet in France (stuck over) of which 1 GB can be used in Europe, mUnlimited use with unlimited access to the catalog music streaming service Universal Music.

Also on sale, the flat fee of € 12.99 a month offered to € 9.99 per month with the code PROMOAVIE. This is a package similar to the one above, except that the calls are unlimited (instead of 2 hours) and the mobile Internet is 10 GB (instead of 5 GB).


NRJ Mobile proposes his mobile plan Woot without obligation having 100 GB of data only € 9.99 instead of € 19.99 when you enter the promotional code W100Goffers valid until February 17th for a period of 12 months.


The package Woot 100 GB include unlimited calls in metropolitan France, unlimited SMS and MMS, and therefore a 100 GB (up to 100 Mbps) 4G data envelope. The SIM card has a cost of 10 €, but the option Visual secretariat it's free

Prixtel offers a special series offer starting from € 6.99 per month valid until 12 February. This is a modular package whose price will automatically adjust according to the volume data consumed, with a maximum ceiling history to avoid unpleasant surprises. There are 3 levels:

  • Up to 10 GB of data: € 6.99 per month (instead of € 12.99);
  • Up to 50 GB of data: € 12.99 per month (instead of € 18.99);
  • Up to 100 GB of data: € 18.99 per month (instead of € 24.99).

Besides data, this package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, but also those from Europe and overseas territories in France. Note that the data from Europe and overseas is 9.3 GB and as part of this offer, the network used will be SFR. Attention, this promotional price will be valid for 6 months, so you will return to the standard price.


Finally, Auchan Telecom offers until March 3rd his non-binding mobile plan with 40 GB of data which ranges from € 16.99 per month to only € 9.99 per month inserting the promotional code FEV40. Note that this price is for life, that is, until you remain a subscriber.


The 40 GB package includes unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and MMS messages in France and continental France from Europe and the French overseas departments, and a 4G 40 GB in France and 5 GB in France and 4 GB in France . the roaming (Europe and DOM in 3G +). The SIM card has a cost of 10 €, but the option Visual secretariat is free The virtual mobile operator uses the networks of Bouygues Telecom, SFR is Orange according to your region.



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