“Goodbye Julia” .. a Sudanese film that tells the tragedy of a homeland

With the feature film “Goodbye Julia”, the young Sudanese director Mohamed Kordofani and producer Amjad Abu El-Ela made a difference in the history of Sudanese cinema.

And that is after years of work and diligence, to be able to reserve a seat for Sudan, for the first time in its history, in Cannes.

in the hallDebbie CAt the Cannes International Film Festival, in France, the event was Sudanese par excellence on Saturday, when the film’s heroes climbed for the first time on the stage of the hall to present the film that was shown within the framework of the “Un Certain Regard” competition, which is considered among the most important competitions of the Cannes Festival.

This image of a group of Sudanese youth wearing the best traditional clothes constituted a special address for challenge and persistence Sudan To move forward despite the war conditions that are still besieging it.

Since the announcement by the Executive Director of the Cannes Film Festival, Terry Fremon, of the list of films that will make up the competition program for the 76th session of the festival “from May 17 to 27, 2023”, attention has been directed to the movie “Goodbye, JuliaAs one of the most anticipated films this year.

The drums of war were beating

The story of the movie revolves around a story Sudanese singermarried to a rich man in Sudan, hosting a woman who comes from South Sudan In her house, trying to ease the remorse.

The main roles in the film were played by theater actress and singer Iman Youssef, Sudanese actor Nizar Juma, and actress and model Cyran Riak.

Arab films furnish “Cannes” and the “Johnny Depp” controversy to the fore

About this experience, the film’s producer, Amjad Abu El-Ela, talks to Sky News Arabia, saying:

  • It’s the first time in history Sudanese cinema We participate in the Cannes Festival.
  • On a personal level, it was a special experience in my life.
  • It was a dream that came true thanks to the concerted efforts of the Sudanese youth who love the seventh art.
  • The film is an epic of hope and the future amidst the challenges of the political situation that Sudan is experiencing today.
  • Achieving it in this way suggests that the artistic future of Sudan still exists and that tomorrow will inevitably be better. Especially in light of the difficult circumstances that faced the filmmakers, as Abu El-Ela explains.
  • We filmed in smooth conditions, despite the conditions of war and protests
  • The war had not broken out when we filmed in December, but we felt that it was imminent at any moment
  • The realization of this film is a real and great adventure that we lived with determination, will and challenge.

An entire nation wishes to divide

For the film team, the story of “Julia” and the details of the script that tries to read the situation in Sudan from several historical, political and social angles is something worth adventuring, after the director of the work moved towards writing the script of the film, under the influence of the results of the 2011 referendum, in which about 100 people voted. 99% of voters favor the secession of Southern Sudan.

Kordofani says that when the results of the referendum were announced, he felt that life had stopped, and that something big had happened to Sudan.

In one instant an entire nation announced that it wished to divide.

In this way, the film attempted to address many of the sensitive issues that Sudan suffers from tribal Andracism and prejudice

Today, Amjad Abu El-Ela is considered one of the most prominent makers Arab cinemaSince he won, as a director, the “Lion of the Future” award for “Venice Venice Film Festival International for his movie “You Will Die at Twenty”.

Today, the Cannes Festival announces the birth of a promising director, named Mohamed Kordofani, who is coming to cinema from the world of aviation.

Kordofani presented, before directing this film, many short films Including “Gone and Never Returned” in 2015 and the movie “Nearcook”.

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