Goodbye to unwanted groups: WhatsApp adds a new option that controls them


The social network presented a new update where users can choose who can or cannot add them to multiple conversations.

That awkward moment you were added to a WhatsApp group without asking or getting out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation between contacts you don't know could end.

And WhatsApp has announced a new update where you can decide who can add or not to these conversations.

The messaging service has ensured that this option will allow users to choose who can add them to a group: anyone, my contacts or anyone else.

"No one means that you will have to give your approval to join any group you are invited to and my contacts means that only the users you have stored in your phonebook can add you to a group without prior approval", explains the messaging application in your blog.

Furthermore, it clarifies that if no one is authorized to be included in the groups, you will be given the opportunity to send a private invitation through an individual chat.

This new feature will be available gradually among users of the application.

For those who have the option enabled, they can access it via the following steps.

Settings / Account / Privacy / Groups / Choose the option you prefer.


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