Google admitted to having listened to the user's voice command assistant


MOSCOW, 12 July – RIA News. Google has admitted that its specialists listen to the commands that users give to a voice assistant in the devices of the company.

As stated in the declaration, Google shares excerpts of negotiations between users and the Google Assistant service with experts worldwide. "This is a fundamental part of the process of creating audio technology, which is necessary for creating products like Google Assistant," notes the sound giant.

The reason for the special declaration was the leakage of confidential confidential data, which was admitted by one of the experts involved in the research. In this regard, the company promises to conduct an investigation and take the necessary measures.

Google notes that the share of audio recordings destined for analysis does not exceed 0.2% of the total range of commands provided by the Google Assistant. Furthermore, experts are forbidden to decipher the conversations they hear in the background of commands and other extraneous sounds.



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