Technology Google announces a bundle of features coming to Chrome

Google announces a bundle of features coming to Chrome

Google announced today, Tuesday, a number of new features coming to its Chrome web browser that will make the browser safer and more private.

In addition to the tabs collection and automatic blocking of battery-depleting ads, the browser will receive a host of improvements to security, safety, and privacy.

And the American tech giant explained in a post that the next release in the coming weeks will come with changes to the user interface, more tags that prevent users from visiting suspicious sites, safer DNS service, cookies, or what is known as external cookies. In Incognito Mode.

Through the upcoming release, Google aims to facilitate users’ access to some buttons and settings, especially cookies settings, privacy settings, extensions, and Google Sync settings.

Among the upcoming changes to the browser is the Safety Check tool. Although this tool already exists, Google will expand it in a way that allows for password password violations. If the user uses Chrome tools to save passwords, the browser will be able to warn him when a site he uses is hacked.

Also in the upcoming release of Chrome, Google will present a new option called (Enhanced Safe Browsing), which if enabled, the user will share the URLs that are not common with Google in real time. The reason for this is that Google finds that scammers are registering and using new phishing sites at high speed.

And Google says: This option will also join with the information extracted from Gmail’s personal accounts, and (Drive). For example, if Gmail detects an unwanted email containing a obscure link, the option can notify Chrome that the site in question is a phishing site if the user clicks on it.

Another new feature is the activation of DNS-over-HTTPS, a method intended to increase user privacy and security by preventing eavesdropping, and preventing DNS data from being manipulated by (middle man) attacks, using the HTTPS protocol to encrypt data.

Google announces a bundle of features coming to Chrome


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