Google asks dozens of employees to look for new jobs in the company. Find out why


Google has transferred dozens of employees from the development of laptops and tablets, which means reducing the number of employees in the software industry, as the company re-evaluates product plans in the highly competitive computer market.

Google has asked dozens of employees, working for the creation team, an internal hardware division responsible for the development and production of laptops and tablet PCs, to search for new projects within Google or the parent company, Alphabet , in the midst of what the sources call "Tagli of the road map".

Among the affected employees who received the notification in the last two weeks were hardware engineers, technical program managers and support program managers, while the sources said the projects were canceled within the partition of the laptop and the tablet, with consequent changes, but the team members were directed to find New roles temporarily within Google or Alfabet.

By asking staff to look for temporary, rather than permanent, roles, Google may be flexible to strengthen staff in the future hardware creation team, which is currently looking for work in the smartphone division of the company and other companies, according to sources.



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