Google discovers a defect in the microphone when using WhatsApp

Google said it had discovered a bug in the Android system that caused incorrect privacy notifications, and it appeared as if WhatsApp was accessing the device’s microphone even when the app was not in use.

A spokesman for the company said that it is working to fix the error in the Android system, not in “WhatsApp”.

Earlier this week, an engineer working at Twitter posted screenshots claiming that WhatsApp was accessing his phone’s microphone and using it even while he was sleeping. The screenshots prompted several users, including the head of Twitter, Elon Musk, to respond to the tweet saying that accessing the microphone from WhatsApp was strange.
In a separate tweet, WhatsApp said it had been in contact with a Twitter engineer who reported the issue. She indicated that the error is in the Android system, and asked Google to verify and address it, according to the “Gadgets Now” website.

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2023-05-14 03:00:07

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