Google Exceeds Expectations in Chrome OS

Android is perhaps the most popular operating system in the world for Google, but we can say that Chrome OS is where the fastest and most exciting progress tends to happen these days, according to a report published by computer world.

“Every year we’re seeing huge leaps in how Chromebooks work and their capabilities – the types of software they run, the features they offer, and the interesting ways we can interact with Android to create a more cohesive Google experience,” the report added.

Chromebooks are increasingly sophisticated and valuable productivity tools, and their growth and development appears to be continuing in the near future. It’s worth noting that most of these new features are available on Chrome OS 97, which is available on all Chromebooks.

Google has opened its new feature list with a new calendar view, and despite all that Google has to offer, the one thing Chrome OS strangely lacks is the simple integration of Calendar into the main desktop interface, especially since Google is the company responsible for the calendar application it depends on Lots of us do, so with the latest Chrome OS version, you can add the date directly to your Chromebook and get an overview of the whole month with two extra clicks when needed.

Google revealed its second feature, which is a smarter search engine called Side Search, which makes the search process faster and facilitates access to the desired information without the need for further search. In an explanation of this feature, which appears as a “G” icon in the browser’s address bar, the same previous search results appear in a small size right next to the page you’re viewing, where you can keep clicking on it as long as you like.

Although Google services like Gmail and Docs offer their own grammar checking systems, the problem of grammatical errors remains very common even for the brightest minds among us, and this is where the new feature comes in. The latest Chromebook software has a nifty system for checking grammar anywhere on the web. Whether it’s your company’s content management service or even just a regular form on a random website.

When the default editor detects something incorrect, it will put a “blue dotted” line under it, and clicking on this text will suggest you to fix your words, given that this system works both online and offline.

Google announced the Changed Appearance feature. The next new Chrome OS feature is quite sketchy, but the new insight brought about by changing the look of your search engine can make a surprising difference in your behavior and ability to focus.

What’s particularly interesting is that you can toggle the light theme on or off via the “Dark Mode” setting in the Chromebook’s Settings area. There, you’ll notice incredibly attractive options, as Google seems to have taken this feature from Android-12 to fine-tune the OS’s interface. Chrome automatically matches your background.

And as we come to the end of this fascinating and lively list, Google surprised everyone with its new feature, a completely redesigned version of the Chrome OS app launcher, which is represented by a panel that pops up when you click the icon in the form of a circle in the lower left corner of the screen (also known as the Launcher) on the Chromebook keyboard.

The new and improved launcher replaces the usual full screen setting, which is similar to the Android app drawer with a window to the left of the screen similar to Windows 10 that contains shortcuts to all your installed apps along with a universal widget/apps/settings/ and a search box with Google Assistant.

This latest version of Chrome OS Launcher fixes some flaws in the previous model, and introduces a new element that automatically displays the most recently used files at the top of the panel for easy access to what you need as well.


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