Google has just blown the most record


March 14, the "pi day"

Pi is undoubtedly the best-known mathematical figure of all those who went to school. We learn it, we repeat it. The most geeks and math lovers enjoy learning as many decimals as possible. But as you say now, you will never be able to keep them all.

Until then, the number of decimals checked was 22,459,157,718,361. A figure that already gives the tours and of which it is difficult even to measure the real dimension. But it just shattered thanks to the work done by Emma Haruka Iwao, a Google engineer. He has raised the record for the incredible total of 31.415.926.535.897, or more than 31 trillion figures. Again, it's hard to understand how big that total is.

To achieve this, the engineer has made available the vehicles with several months of work and 25 machines of the Google Compute Engine infrastructure. A program designed to calculate decimals at the highest possible speed. In total, it did not take 111 days to achieve this result. It could count on 96 virtual processors and 1.4 TB of RAM. All this to allow Google a nice touch of communication for March 14, the "Pi day".

What concrete applications?

In fact, if Google can now claim this record through its employee, it is the only concrete interest of this discovery, that and the little pleasure of the geeks that will highlight this new statistic.

The concrete uses are much more limited. In fact, NASA, to name just one, doesn't really need so much data. Far from this. Not to mention going to the moon, when it's time to send a trade to the other end of the cosmos, the US space agency only needs 15 decimal places of Pi. But you can do it when you also find out what Google offers with all these numbers …



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