Google has redesigned the Chrome browser tabs for Android


Google Chrome is constantly updated, even taking into account its considerable popularity. Chrome has no worthy competitors in the market share and Google may not be in a hurry to introduce interesting features, but it would not be the world's number one company, if not its desire for development. Your attention is an extremely useful Chrome news that everyone should know.

This is a new browser of Chrome display tabs. Our colleagues at XDA-Developers shared images with a comparison between the current (left) and the new position (right):

You may notice that the current view of the card change menu is not very convenient, since it is easy to switch to the wrong card, moreover, the number of cards displayed is limited.

The new design of this menu is cheaper and displays many more tabs. Moreover, this format is more suitable for new smartphones, as the diagonal of the display becomes more and more.

Currently, the feature is only available in the latest version of Chromium, it can be activated using the "enable-tab-grid-layout" flag. In the near future, the flag should appear in Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev. But it is possible that this function may simply not survive the final version, which I obviously doubt.

Google is not afraid to constantly update the browser and is extremely happy. For example, the company is testing another interesting "Scroll-To-Text" feature, which allows you to quickly navigate page sections across all operating systems.

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