Google has threatened with a fine of 13 billion dollars


10% of its latest worldwide turnover is the amount that Google could soon pay, according to a survey published by The Financial Times. A fine of almost $ 13 billion (€ 12 billion), following a recent conviction by the European Commission, which accuses the Mountain View giant of abusing its position to limit advertising in competition on third-party sites.

Expenses dating back to 2006

Registered in 2016, the European Commission charge accuses Google of artificially reduce competitionand stifle the innovation in the market. Back in 2006, the US company requested some third-party sites to use only their own AdSense advertising service, on pain of removing the Google search field. The restrictions eased in 2009, but they still forced sites to display a minimum number of Google ads in addition to potentially competing ads. Contract terms and conditions abolished in 2016, but still under discussion.

A sentence soon pronounced

It is therefore in a few days, and 13 years after the beginning of the facts, that Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, will specify the final amount of the fine. If Google incurs a penalty of up to $ 13 billion, it is possible that the actual amount requested by the American giant is significantly lower.

The announcement of this fine will mark the end of the AdSense survey, but could potentially open new files. As a reminder, last July, Google had already paid 4.3 billion euros to prevent competition through Android. In 2017, he was also forced to pay 2.4 billion euros to promote his Google Shopping comparison service at the expense of the competition.


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