Google is closing the chat app Allo - CNBC

Stephen Lam | Reuters

Erik Kay, technical director of Google, introduces Allo and Duo on stage during the Google I / O 2016 developer conference in Mountain View, California, May 18, 2016

Google plans to delete the Allo chat app by the middle of next year, the company said in a blog post, confirming a previous Wednesday report on the imminent demise of the product.

That initiative was the beginning of the end of Allo, which saw its product defect against Facebook at the start of this year.

Google has also stated in its blog post that it plans to support one another of its chat apps, Hangouts, until it makes two business apps available, Hangouts Chat and Meet, available to non-paying users.

A Google employee tweeted earlier on Thursday that Meet and Chat will be launched for regular consumers next year:

Google has long had a complicated and complicated strategy when it comes to chat apps and has identified a list of communication products, including the original GChat, the Buzz social network and the Wave collaboration tool. At the beginning of this year, he announced that he was closing his social network Google Plus after discovering a security bug that left private profile data exposed.


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