Google Maps to add crash and speed trap reporting feature soon


Since the time Google introduced Waze, everyone has been waiting for other popular features. Earlier, the APK Teardown told that the company was planning to add incident reports to Maps. Now, it seems like it is appearing for a few select users.

Google Maps to add crash and speed trap reporting feature soon

A Reddit user seen this feature, but the functionality is only for a small number of people. The Maps UI shows a new report at the bottom of the screen while you are browsing.

By tapping on the button the users will be able to tell Google if they've encountered a crash or a speed trap. As of now, this only works in navigation mode, but it's just a test. Since most of the users do not have the reporting feature, you're unlikely to benefit. Maps might be able to alert other users when approaching a speed trap or a crash-prone area.

Previously, Google Maps joined hands with Yash Raj Films (YRF) for Thugs of Hindostan where they were able to choose Aamir Khan to accompany them while navigating their way to the destination.

Google also rolled out to Maps feature that allows users to plan a trip with a group. The feature was announced through the company's blog. The group planning will feature how to work with the group and get information on the distance.

Location in the app and shortlist en. They will be able to share with their friends or the group they plan on visiting the place with. This information can be shared on any platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others messaging services.


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