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If you are traveling with a current smartphone, you usually do not have to worry if your device will be provided at least in the next few months with upcoming system updates (yes, I am very careful here with my choice of words 😉). But there are also some users whose smartphone has not been powered by an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

However, as Google now claims, those users will have to live with some downside security in the future, as future updates to Google Play services will no longer take ICS into account.

The Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) platform is 1 year old and has 1% for a while. As a result, we are deprecating support for ICS in future versions of Google Play services. For devices running ICS, Google Play Store no longer wants to update the Play Services APK over version 14.7.99.

Obviously, the affected devices continue to function without any problem, however future security changes will no longer find their way onto those smartphones, which means that one or the other app will reject the service with the "old Android". Sooner or later it will probably be time to look for a new phone: soon it will be Christmas 😀


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