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ban on Google Play Store

Faced with the massive proliferation of fake reviews on the applications of Play Store, Google he took the bull by the two horns and decided to cancel millions of fictitious notes and comments.

This is a real scourge observed on the Play Store : fake reviews and comments abound on thousands of applications, the fault of a system that seems to reach its limits. A well-valued application will effectively benefit from the Mountain View content catalog, pushing some malicious developers to generate good grades and positive reviews to be at the top of their category.

False opinions that count in millions

A small game that Google has decided to do end, as we learn from a post published on the blog of Android developers. The California giant then divided some figures that say a lot about his headache: millions of false opinions have been permanently eliminated from the Play Store, when thousands of applications were detected that could hijack the comments and notes system.

Google recommends developers and users

The overseas company does not hesitate to ask a little help to its developer community, to which it asks do not buy fake banknotesnor launch promising campaigns in-house for five-star applications.

Google is also aimed at all users, advising them to do not accept money or even virtual money, against a comment or a positive note.

Source: Techradar


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