Google: using "night mode" helps protect battery devices

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Cairo – By Mohamed Salah – It is known that the night mode of applications helps to reduce the lighting of the screens, which leads to eye protection, as well as reducing the consumption of the battery due to the lack of brightness of the battery, but Google has recently confirmed that the night-time night-time mode used in applications currently extends from battery life is more recent than before, contributing to faster battery loss.

According to the Indian GSM website, Google revealed at the Developers Conference of Android, black battery consumption does not exceed 20% of energy consumption when using completely white, which means that applications in night mode consume about 1/5 of power in the situation This is due to the fact that the colors increase the energy consumption on the screen of each degree, since the number of illuminated pixels increases as the color becomes light, which increases the consumption of energy.

But the strange thing is that Google itself always uses white in the design of its applications, which makes energy consumption greater.

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