Google verifies Google in India on Android


Google faces investigations in India on Android after the Indian Competition Commission (CCI), the local antitrust organization, ordered an investigation with the subsidiary of Alavate due to its alleged exploitation of the dominant position of its system mobile operating to ban rivals, Reuters news agency.

The Indian antitrust regulator began investigating the case last year, before making a decision in April, to launch an in-depth investigation similar to that faced by Google in Europe, which led to a & # 39; fine of 4.34 billion euros (5 billion dollars).

Over 95 percent of smartphones in India are powered by Android, which is used for free by hardware manufacturers. The antitrust regulator in India now seems to be convinced that it should investigate Google's domination of its operating system to damage its internal rivals.

The CCI decided in mid-April that the charges against the complaint deserved investigation and ordered its investigative unit to conduct a thorough investigation. According to Reuters, this decision was not made public, nor was the reason for an in-depth investigation explained.

This case is important for the ICC, given the EU precedent, and it appears that the Commission concluded that Google abused its dominant position, noting that the investigation takes a full year and will probably call Google executives. ; Months in advance.

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A Google spokesman said in a statement: Android has enabled millions of Indians to connect to the Internet by reducing the cost of mobile devices and that Google is not looking forward to working with the ICC to show how Android has led to greater competition and innovation, not underestimation.

In the case of the EU, Google has forced manufacturers to install their applications, such as the search engine, the Web browser Chrome and Google Play Store on Android devices, offering an unfair advantage.

The Indian Antimonopoly Control Authority has the power to impose a penalty of up to 10 per cent on the size of the company's domestic assets over the last three fiscal years if it is deemed to have abused its dominant position.

Although India has emerged as one of the major markets for Google in recent years, the company has only achieved a small amount of revenue in the country, which reached $ 1.4 billion in the year ended March 2018, compared to over $ 100 billion in revenue, Reached by the company globally over the same period of time.

The CCI imposed a fine of $ 19.5 million last year due to the distortion of research and abuse of its dominant position, and found that it had placed the advantage of commercial flights in a position of survey In its search results page.


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