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Google wants to simplify the dependence on smartphones, tablets and other Android products with this operating system. To this end, the company informed the developers of a change that should be implemented in the coming months. This can be good but also negative for the user.

Android Smartphone: Google wants to solve one of the biggest update problems

Source: GIGA.

Play Store: Google wants to update Android apps without signing in

Android police report that Google has sent an email to app developers indicating an upcoming Play Store feature. Therefore, you will automatically upgrade in future on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets pre-installed, even if you do not sign in with a Google account. This is a big step for Google, but also for producers.

So even if you're using an Android device completely without a Google Account, get the latest versions of the apps preinstalled on your phone or tablet, like Google Apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, or anything else that the manufacturer will pre-install. So you're not tied to an old version. It has never been possible. Previously, you had to sign up with a Google account in the Play Store, if you want to install updates.

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Positive and negative consequences for users

On the one hand, this innovation is, of course, to be welcomed, because Google does not oblige users to install new versions of Android apps in an indirect way, thus ensuring proper operation. First of all, Google should think about their apps.

On the other hand, of course, not only are the useful apps pre-installed on Android devices. These could also update over time and become even more intrusive. For this case, Google has taken precautions. Automatic updates for pre-installed apps can be turned off. Like automatic updates in the Google Play store with access, the new feature will probably be activated at the factory. Perhaps you will be able to make a choice when setting up.

Prerequisite for use is Android 5.0 or later. In addition, app developers need to update their applications for this case. So it may take a while before the project is implemented as it should. However, this is a step in the right direction – or what do you think?


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