Google will launch new Icon specifications in the Google Play Store starting in June


It's no secret that Google has repeatedly adapted the preferences of the Android app icons in recent years to reflect the new operating system designs and user needs. Now it is time again and Google informs all Android app developers that some new guidelines apply by the end of this year's June 24th.

Starting in April, developers will then be able to upload their custom icons to the Google Play Store via the Developer Console and then confirm that they have adhered to all the new guidelines. Starting May 1st, developers will no longer be able to upload icons to the console that do not meet the new specifications. However, the original icons existing in the Play Store should remain unchanged for the moment.

However, starting June 24, according to Google, the following obligations apply to all developers:

  1. Update the icon to the new specification.
  2. Upload your icon to Play Console.
  3. Confirm in Play Console that the icon meets the new specifications.

For us users basically nothing changes, only that the app icons at the end – at least on unchanged Android surfaces – all conform to the same design and thus create a harmonious image. That everyone likes it is an open question.


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