Entertainment Gordon's ‘horrible’ - your this - & Things

Gordon’s ‘horrible’ – your this – & Things

Even though it was the last time seemed to go by singer Gordon Heuckeroth, wrong, and he is now in an awkward situation. Yesterday, he showed the singer on his Instagram and see how hondsberoerd he is feeling at the moment. “For the people who would like to know how things are going: it’s dreadful,” he says.

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Gordon is feeling unwell due to the new intra-gastric balloon which, a few days ago and it has so far. His body is now in afstotingverschijnselen. He says: “I’m lying for two days after last week of being in bed, sick. I have a bucket next to me.” The intra-gastric balloon has been placed in the reason for sportfiguur to maintain, and because of this, some of his type 2 diabetes under control.

Humor, do not let him get you down

In spite of that, for me, it shows Gordon in: I’ve been getting the hiccups because the thing looks like.” His sense of humor allows him to put ‘ The of his rejection. I know this is only from my contacts, they were within the first ten minutes of every day.”

A healthy lifestyle

Previously, we wrote about how Gordon is, after the rehabilitation of his alcohol and cocaine addiction, are all you with a healthy way of life. The singer is also published regularly, with a picture of the results of that exercise.


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