Gorillas and Ranger pose for selfie – “normal day in the office”


In fact, the park's 600 park rangers and great apes are pretty good friends, in reality. The gorillas, weighing up to 200 kilograms, can be aggressive and dangerous. But the rangers are not afraid of them, because the monkeys seem to know exactly that the men protect them from the more savage. The ranger who posted the picture called it “another day at the office” – a normal day in the office. The man seems to love his dangerous job.

Each ranger goes through six months of military training for the job – a total of 179 rangers have been killed on duty. The park's website states, “These men and women come from the area and undergo intensive training, risking their lives every day to protect the park's extraordinary wildlife, including the last of the world's most endangered mountain gorillas.”

In the region 400 gorillas are said to live in 10 groups. In the Congo the situation for wild animals is particularly bad. Two decades of war and armed conflict were added to “normal” poaching. But even her beloved animals can be dangerous to the Rangers. At the beginning of the month, the park posted on its Facebook page that two men died on duty. Hakizimana Sinamenye Chadrack died at the end of March of the injuries he sustained when hippopotamus attacked. Exhaust gases Carrimo was hit by lightning a few days later. Both succumbed to the “power of nature,” as the park writes. Man by hand died Freddy Mahamba Muliro. He defended the park's guests from marauding guerrillas.

The park was closed in June last year because of the security situation and only reopened in February. It is Africa's oldest national park. Now there were three deaths in just one month.

Watch here in the video: “Zoobewohner go on easter egg hunt”

Video: Zoobewohner go on easter egg hunt

Source: The Elite AntiPoaching Units and Combat Trackers


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