Entertainment Gossip Overview: Simon bare and total panic Irma |...

Gossip Overview: Simon bare and total panic Irma | NOW

Simon Keizer can only move her, Yolanthe Cabau gives little away about separation of Wesley Sneijder and panic after interpreting change. An overview of the entertainment world last week.

Your lips allow spraying, which wrinkles way to work or your hair dye, there are now countless opportunities to conceal that you get older. Let nature its course is not at this time and should we look like we seventy are like we are mid-twenties.

While the average American already prefer ceases appearances, that’s even more important when you have to appear regularly before the cameras of paparazzi, or play in a movie. It is no coincidence that especially many famous ladies are known to regularly visit the hairdresser or botox doctor.

Men run into other things as women: they see their hairline is slowly pulling back, but fortunately now there is a solution. This week it became clear that Simon Keizer is not averse to a solution and he candidly in his podcast on shifting his hairline.

“This know my surroundings, I make no secret I’ve always said. As mentioned comes, I go not out of the way,” said the 36-year-old singer hair follicles from one part of his head allowed to move to his head, where it rattled her slowly.

Simon hopes that his openness to advocate for other men with the same uncertainty. It is not normal that you’re working on what’s bothering you.

No trust, no struggle

Yolanthe Cabau and Wesley Sneijder were already known to go apart in March 2019, but a divorce but it never came. Whether it was that we all did not understand the split in a marriage is not necessarily a divorce, or Wesley and Yolanthe were not quite ready for a final end, stayed a long time in the air.

Both sides kept the stiff jaw. While entertainment-loving Netherlands was trying to find out what exactly happened was, the two were hardly to the press and showed little social media hinted.

Until this week, when Yolanthe had the opportunity to be guest editor Grazia and in return gave little more away about the sudden rupture. “It really is not that there is one thing happened and we then immediately threw the towel into the ring with us.”

The actress and presenter candidly that the divorce is still pending and how much pain she has had and still feels. “Some times I feel very strong and I can the whole world, then I look forward and not backward, but there are days – especially now that I am appointed much like myself – if I’ve less strong and things so much differently. had seen. But it is not now run once. “

Wesley and Yolanthe have really done their best to keep the relationship mode. “You want to give it a fair shot, and then again and again, and also protect each other. But at some point there was too much sadness, confidence fell away and then there was not enough left to fight for.”

Hope seems flown on a reunion, but Yolanthe still believes in love. “I am a romantic person and I have many examples around me seen by people who still hold hands after fifty years. But, sometimes people do unconsciously together with certain choices pain.”

Where is Irma ?!

Now we all sit at home, we can still create more pressure on the little things. So it was that this week Twitter was overturned when sign language interpreter Irma Sluis disappeared halfway through the press conference of the Prime Minister of the stage and was replaced by another interpreter.

In recent months we have surely become very attached to Irma and her performances and she suddenly left her permanent place gave no explanation shocked reactions. The hashtag #waarisirma was created and so there was nothing for it afterwards explain.

Dries Rutte told McCain that he was only two minutes of advance had been informed and was surprised by the exchange, but it is quite logical: interpreters namely sport.

“The reason is that the previous press conference lasted quite a long time, namely an hour. As long as an interpreter can not be filled continuously at work without consequences for the After the translation quality. The press conference will be many questions from the press which are answered and asked to be naturally all interpreted. Therefore exchanged two interpreters each other now, “said Dutch Sign Center on Facebook.

Irma is so good, do not worry. She wants peace offer her arms just what.



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