got done?It is revealed that the Shenzhen Football team is dissatisfied with Li Zhangzhu’s training methods are too intense and the tactics are outdated_Shenzhen Team_Dalian People_Problems

Original title: Was done?It is revealed that the deep football team is dissatisfied with Li Zhangzhu’s training methods are too intense and the tactics are outdated

On September 1st, in the 12th round of the Chinese Super League, the Dalian natives played against the Shenzhen team, which was also on the edge of the relegation zone. As a result, the Dalian natives conceded a goal at home and swept the Shenzhen team 5-1. While taking 3 points, the Shenzhen team suffered a 5-game losing streak. Subsequently, the Shenzhen Club officially announced that head coach Li Zhangzhu was dismissed from get out of class, and assistant coach Zhang Xiaorui was appointed as the acting head coach:

This is the 7th farewell of 65-year-old Li Zhangzhu in the Chinese League. Before the get out of class was dismissed, Shenzhen Football’s consecutive big losses showed that the team was in a state of loss of control. Yuan Mincheng’s post-match interview also showed that up to this point. Maybe Lee Jang-soo is just the culprit behind the deep foot’s internal problems.

After the Shenzhen Football team revealed the arrears of wages last year, the team has not been able to completely solve this problem. Although local companies in Shenzhen have given Shenzhen tens of millions of yuan in sponsorship fees this year, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the club’s arrears. But salary arrears are not unique to Shenzhen Football Club. There are many Chinese Super League clubs with more serious salary arrears problems than Shenzhen Football Club. They can still insist on ensuring the quality of the game. The gap cannot be explained solely by underpayment.

In addition to the salary arrears, when Li Zhangzhu led the team to prepare for the game in Haikou at the beginning of the year, there were rumors that some players could not keep up with Li Zhangzhu’s training rhythm and would likely lose their positions. Regarding Lee Jang-soo’s training methods, the team has mixed opinions, believing that the training intensity is too high, it is easy to train injured players, and the tactics are outdated. But Li Zhangzhu did not compromise on this, but in the end the team lost control. After the Shenzhen team lost 1-4 away to Guangzhou in the 14th round, Shenzhen Football Club had already started the coaching change process. At that time, Li Zhangzhu was dismissed from get out of class. fate is already doomed.

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